LOUISE. (pseudospork) wrote,

Laura Veirs - Magnetized

By your zirconium smile
I was slain
By your olivine eyes
I was lying in piles
Hoping shovels would cast me
Furnaces burn everlasting
Black tattoos of you onto me
Furnaces burn everlasting
Black tattoos

Brand my memory
A tattoo of you
Me with your mouth
Brackish bright water from your eyes
I’ll homing pigeon fly
To hover by your window white and shy
Homing pigeon fly
To hover by

My ashes to the wind
Can gather what they’ve found
We can struggle in the web
We can struggle
With white spider stars coming down
And night blowing black from the ground

I love this album. Especially this song. It's one of those short and sweet ones. And check out those lyrics.

Feeding off others' wireless is always fun and everything but our wireless (that i pay out of my bank account by the way) has been off since that october 12th blizzard. oh how fun, i love you buffalo.

i had fun today hanging out with katie kate and natasha at natasha's dorm. i descovered their dining hall sucks the least. they have a section that always has hummous!! and stuff. and all over campus they have these new hummous cups with little crackers and things to dip in it. i'm getting kind of bored of the food on campus. we do have a lot of options but i like a lot of variety.

the new maple frappucino is jesus by the way. just straight jesus.

hey when i get my pictures back from halloween and such i'll have to post the pictures. i was hulk hogan. yeah.

"real college" is definitely more challenging than MCC. that shouldn't come as a surprise or anything, but this is literally the most effort i've ever had to put into school. thought maybe it could be like mcc and still do well but there is more work and stuff. and i have to do that whole.. getting out of bed and going to my first class thing. havent been doing well at that for a week and a half.

i miss my mommy. i hope she doesnt find party remnants in the house. even though she knows i had a party. i'd prefer that she wasn't reminded of it because she doesn't like alcohol and illicit substances in her house. i understand that. she is such a good lady. she really has a wonderful fulfilling life BUSY albeit but wonderful and fulfilling nonetheless. she doesn't need drinks or smokes.

my lungs hate me
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