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just in case you were wondering

don't you hate when your only real relationship was a dysfunctional one? and how this seems to doom you to having any sort of love success? I mean, i know i have the love to give. so where the fuck is the reciprocation? this isn't referencing anyone in particular, this is just me sitting back and reviewing my life.

if love is a human condition why does it seem to be the biggest cause of problems? we are complex but not THAT complex.. we are simple enough to have 1 shared common denominator- will to love. so why do stupid things like character flaws and neuroses get in the way? or is that even it? ahh, the world may never know.

something is missing and i don't know what.

i do know that i have been having this terrible hankering for going to California. I feel like something good will happen to me if I go there. I feel like if I don't go this year I might explode. Does this make sense?

I have been slacking on expanding my musical repertoire. I think since indie became the fashion it takes unnecessary digging to find whether or not the band is just crap for fashion sake or real originality and good tune-age. It was bound to happen, but it's strange. Think about how it used to be when there weren't this many 1000s of bands in each sub indie genre.

Maybe that's just an excuse. I dunno.

I'm just a lazy fucker i think is the conclusion I can always readily draw. At least I know how to get up in the morning now. Something I havent done since middle school. Movin on up in the world! that's me.
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