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okay well i'm enjoying school much more than when i last posted. i'm making friends here and there, and realizing that it's a big school for everyone, not just me. luckily i've had people from home visit me every weekend except for one.

and i'm singing in choir and chorus and singing always makes me happy. if i have the worst day or week ever singing just feels so good. not as good as performing though.. i want to do another musical very soon. i'm so busy now though.. my mom was right, i couldnt imagine having a job on top of all this stuff.

i am a research assistant in this language perception lab. the experiment needs some work but it's kind of fun to run it and it'll look nice on my resume i'm guessing.

i'm been HORRIBLY stressed though. and it's not even really because of the workload. it's not that it's small.. but i think it's other things that have happened to me recently.
and just in a state of confusion and anxiety.

i dont know how to get rid of it. and i feel worse when i do know what i could do and then don't do it. which happens too because i am blessed/cursed with a good sense of what is best for me/morally right.

i've met some quality people at parties though, which is a pleasant surprise.

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