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.. that's what i got when i searched for "cute!"

so.. i just realized that i signed up for lots of classes at 8:30 and 9:30 AM for the fall........ ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and the 8:30 one is biopsychology. lord help me.

i wonder if UB is gonna be fun. i wonder how much harder it is than community college. i also wonder how the fuck i'm gonna be able to do anything with my broke ass because my mom doesnt want me to get a job for the first semester. i hate being broke. those 4 months of unemployment STUNG LIKE A BEE

i went shopping at the outlet mall an di liked it

i'm doing good in my summer class, which is statistics. this is exciting. math and me, aint the place to be.

I LOVE THAT DAVID HASSELHOFF IS ON AMERICA'S GOT TALENT. and brandy's hilarious on that show.

i've been watching a lot of nip/tuck because well, i wanted to see what all the fuss is about. i really like it, but it's so melodramatic that it turns me off.. yet mysteriously makes me want more. the medical inaccuracies get a little annoying too.. one day later and i'm completely healed from plastic surgery! i like how there's at least 2 sex scenes in every single episode though. don't you think the son looks like an alien/michael jackson? and he does this pouty thing all the time that doesnt help the situation. it's weird. and his little sister is seriously neglected because they dont talk about her and she shows her face like twice in the whole first season. ohhh child labor laws.. or something.

i think i might get into real photography. i know i have a knack for it and i'm capable of taking good pictures, i bet i could produce some nice artwork. i wish i could draw though.. i can sing, write, photograph, and dance. hahaha just jokinga bout the last one. oh yeah i'm okay at acting too. but i think it's so beautiful to just think up something amazing and be able to create an image of it with your hand. i love imagery and to be able to create it that way would make me happy.

why do i have such a good work ethic? it's not that good when it comes to schoolwork, although it's gotten MUCH better since high school. but at work i like everything clean, i like to do everything right, i like to learn as much as i can, and it feels really good to be productive.

and i will leave you with an image you may have seen before
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