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i just received the greatest information ever. while browsing the newspaper i came across the fact that there are... LABRADOODLES! i am so happy these things exist.

also, i obviously love kitties. i wanna bring cookie with me to Buffalo in the fall. i'm a little scared of next semester because i am strong but i am still dependent so much on my mother. i hardly know how to do the motherfucking laundry. i dont know how to live on my own and i think it might be a little tough at first. i'm adaptable but this is a whole new ball park. i'm really excited for it though. and bars close at 4 am there.. and you can smoke inside. and i get to study the shit out of psychology and i will enjoy myself immensely. and i'm 2 seconds from canada. the pros certainly outweigh the cons. there are many more i haven't mentioned either.

i still remember my "autie kathleen"'s vision of college that was implanted in my head when i was about 9 or 10. she said "oh it's great, you'll love college. you sit up all night and contemplate the meaning of life."

oh real college.. how long i have waited for thee. you better not suck.
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